"All wrong is done in ignorance"

(If you knew better, ~ you'd know better.)

Beautiful things transcend time

Only 3 things transcend everything: (Socrates)

1) The Good
2) The True
3) The Beautiful

Use these rules to leave something behind for yourself that will transcend time, knowing that you are more than an entity in the forrest, you are the forrest.

All matter came from consciousness"

Plato was right, in that only the formless is real for real. (Consciousness) All is number. (Sacred Geometry) 
We live in an Aristotelian (Physical) world. ~ Consciousness, makes matter, & all matter, (Everywhere) came from consciousness.

What you see when you look among us, is post-us, all around us. We are "Consciousness" This is what we are.

Separation is an end-being illusion experienced as post-conscious producers of matter, as receivers, of one consciousness (Universe) experienced subjectively. (fractalled)

Ego is an illusion, it's also your flesh, and your devil.

Everything is number

The Story of Creation
Through Sacred Geometry

"Everything is Frequency"

"Energy" ~ "Potential"

The Universe is 100 % Energy.
This is an electrical Universe ~ We are electrical creatures.

Everything is frequency & frequency is everything.
outside of the narrow frequency of us is the frequency of all of us.

"All things are ultimately of one thing & one thing became all things."

Consciousness is on all frequencies & all frequencies are conscious.

We are the salt of our consciousness that is made from our consciousness.

Love is the highest frequency & everything lower is ever more subjective. (Ego)

"Those who are grateful will attract things to be grateful for."

Whenever you wrong someone, it's always yourself because all of us are in all of us.
- If you knew better, you'de know better.

"The Universe Within"

"Eye's are of the mind, but vision is of the soul"

Everything comes from the dream you dream of all you do & then make it come true.

You see what you look for & find what you seek.

All there is, is now.

Matter is the past. ~ You pull from a higher frequencies & leave these past/post-moments as dust in the wind.

"We" - are "Time".
What we pay - Is "Time".
What we buy - Are "Moments".
What we have - is "Now".


We are a part of all that we do.

When we treat someone disrespectfully, we're being disrespectful to everyone in the room, including ourselves, and when we're nice to others, we're being nice to ourselves.  - People that smile & say Hi to people, get to live in a world where people smile, & say Hi..

Always take the virtuous path

Whenever you play someone, it's always yourself.
Being true to yourself is the first step in knowing yourself.

© Truth of the Universe