"All wrong is done in ignorance"

(If you knew better, ~ you'd know better.)

Beautiful things transcend time

Only 3 things transcend everything: (Socrates)

1) The Good
2) The True
3) The Beautiful

Use these rules to leave something behind for yourself that will transend time.

"All matter came from consciousness"

The Universe is made of consciousness and consciousness makes matter.  All matter came from consciousness.

How to know what no one knows:

"All truths are connected" Find any core or base truth (Like "All matter comes from consciousness.") and ask yourself the Socratic question;

"What does that mean?" - and wherever it lands, ask it again, because, what does that mean?" - Wherever it lands, it means something else to something else, and what does that mean? - If you look to see, the more you look the more you see. What you learn when you learn, is how to see and the more you know, the more you see.

"Everything is Frequency"

Everything is frequency (We are electrical creatures) - Outside of the frequency of us is the frequency of all of us, (The dream) - so other people are you in different shoes and if you were them, they'd be you.

Consciousness is everywhere. Everything is frequency and consciousness is on every frequency.

The residue of your consciousness, is your physical flesh, or "ego".

All matter is Post-Consciousness. 96% Consciousness (Dreams) / 4% "Matter".

All frequencies are lower than the highest frequencies of love, which degrades into lower frequencies of subjective hate & fear.

"If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration." ― Nikola Tesla

"The Universe Within"

Your pineal gland is your antenna to the universe. When you dream at night, you go outside of the frequency of "you". - Psychedelics take you there "in the awake", and that's the "trip".

Your third eye is the eye you share with God. It looks in, and see's the Universe. It is the trilogy, the top of the pyramid, and the all-seeing eye.

The dream is what's real and our physiology is the illusion as you dream all that you do and then work to make it come true. You pull from higher frequencies and leave these post-moments as dust in the wind. 

We are a part of all we do

When we treat someone disrespectfully, we're being disrespectful to everyone in the room, including ourselves, and when we're nice to others, we're being nice to ourselves.  - You are a part of all you do. (Karma)

Always take the virtuous path

Whenever you play someone, it's always yourself.
Being true to yourself is the first step in knowing yourself.

© Truth of the Universe