The truth is for everyone.

If the world realized what we left behind - was for our next self, we would build a heaven here for ourself.

The only way to really take it with you, is to leave it behind for yourself. - Knowing that you can be anyone.

All wrong is done in ignorance. 

If you knew better, you'd know better, which is to say: If you knew the value, you would value it.

Only three things transcend everything.  (Socrates)  - 1) The Good 2) The True 3) The Beautiful 

The good and the true, are the guardians of the beautiful, and without the good and the true, your beauty will be fractured, at best. 

Art transcends time - Beautiful things have more true value. 

(You can leave beautiful things behind for yourself.)

Separation is an illusion. 

You are all you see and how you see what you see becomes your reality.

Moments make moments that make moments 

We live in the moment and are made of our moments. 

All of us are in all of us and it's all, all of us

We all live in a different place with all of it in all of us. 

You're a winner and a loser, a hero and a villain, you're sexy and gross. Everyone gets the full package, in a different way and lives in a different place with in that package.

Other people are you in different shoes and if you were them, they'd be you.

Whenever you wrong someone, it's always yourself. 

Everything is and is of, consciousness, from the same (conscious) energy/ 

We see what we look for, and find what we seek

Soul to ego: All matter comes from consciousness.  

Consciousness seems like it comes from within because we see it all from within but it really hovers just off of us and resonates to our physical self (ego), then resonates to the dust in the corner of the room that eventually make the mountains we make things of.

Ego seems to be a little test to see if you ever see who you really are, which is everything. (Everything comes from the same energy) What's real, is the dream, and everything is from the dream. Dreams are dreams with in dreams of dreams, we all dream dreams of dreams. 

Most of life is dust in the wind but the beauty that we pull from the dream is the beauty in the dream we get to live in. 

No one ever comes back as their same selves in the same moments of their old selves as no man ever step in the same river twice because it's never the same river and he's never the same man. (Heraclitus) 

The more you subscribe to, the more you're subscribed to/ (and opinions are like subscriptions.)

Be grateful for your loves now, and little moments of then, we're so lucky to have had them.  

The pictures we paint will be the scenes we live in. 

Our lives are bound to the beauty we see, from our conversation and relationship moments, to the way our home looks and our visions that come to be, it's what lives on of us and how we'll be remembered to be. You get all that you see and you don't get, what you don't see.

If you look to see, you'll see like me. ~ Dreams make reality.  

It's all us..

We live our lives as the leaf on a tree, so afraid to fall back into the forest of our self.

About this site

This may be our pivotal moment to save ourself from ourself and If people could see that this is the time to let go and live within the garden, we can all come back through into the most beautiful garden the world has ever seen. 

This is my wish for the world to be. A place of peace & harmony.
A heavenly place here for all, the most beautiful world of them all.

"All matter is merely energy, condensed to a slow vibration"

We are all one consciousness, experiencing itself subjectively.
There is no such thing as death, life is but a dream and we are the imagination of ourselves."

- Bill Hicks

The one of us all

Separation is an illusion

No one has ever found anything with nothing in it. - It doesn't exist.

Everything is frequency and there are no gaps.  

The stars touch you at night with an unbroken light.

What may seem obvious once you know isn't obvious to those you know.

The world goes round & round,
The world goes round & round..

Loving love brings love

By focusing on the things you love, you bring the things you love into your life.

Alternately, by fighting the things you hate, you inadvertently bring what you hate into your life.

We can up our vibrations by unsubscribing from heavy opinions and things we can't control.

Very little is ever really about us and all of us are more fragile than any of us think.

So dense and powerful in our sentience, that we can reach out into a physical space and fill our own ocean with a glass of water.
We have the power to manipulate our lives as well as other people's lives in unseen ways like gods and yet we're so fragile, that we can be mortally wounded by a look, or a thought..  (Terrence Mckenna)

If everyone realized that whenever you play the world, you play yourself, and the only things that last are the good, the true, and the beautiful. People would stop playing themselves and really try to leave beautiful things behind for others (which is you as well) and the whole world would look different almost immediately..

Whenever you wrong someone..
it's always yourself.


Always treat all of the versions of self well.

- You will remember how you were treated.

Do no harm and be one with the good that comes 

Once you live a virtuous life, you can start to live beyond yourself. 

Lies trap you into lies.

Being good to others is being good to yourself.

Vote by what you love, and not by what you hate.  Choose your paths and decisons from love. 

Once you see, you see

Dreams make Reality.

An ode to those who know

People that don't know, can only see themselves as them selves, but people that know the self from them self, know that there is only the self and while you are of the self itself, you are not the self its self. People that don't know, don't know they don't know and people that know, can't not know what they know they know.

Always take the virtuous path

Whenever you play someone, it's always yourself.
Being true to yourself is the first step in knowing yourself.

© Truth of the Universe