Points to ponder

Art Transends time

Socrates realized that only 3 things transend everything:

1) The Good
2) The True
3) The Beautiful

The good and the true... are the gardians of the beautiful and with out the good and true, your beauty will be fractured, at best..

We can leave beautiful things behind for our selves, but only indirectly.
To do so directly is both a sin and a curse because you shell yourself into the illusion of yourself and reality of who you really are, which is everyone else.

~ You are the bubble above, as well as the bubbles you're made of but while you are of the self it'self, you are not the self itself..

- This is also why no one escapes karma from the self..  
Because there is no one else.. 

So when ever you wrong someone, it's always yourself and when ever you play the world, you play yourself. 

- There is no one else..
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