How to think about drugs

Cannabis: Why does Cannabis magically cure so many things? - Because it's always been in our system.. Safe and good for you in almost every way, unless it's illegal where you are..

Opioids: Relaxes you in a way that you'll never forget and always long for ever after. (Never- Ever partake, unless recommended by hospice..)

Psychedelics: Takes you into the dream in the awake. - That's the trip.. - Overall, safe and good for you, but not for the weak of heart or mind. - and illegal everywhere, so far as I know.

None of this is really about drugs, it's just about consciousness

"We come from plants and everything we eat used to eat it Cannabis."
"We have natural cannabinoid receptors that must be fed to stay healthy."

It's not really about Drugs

All drugs can be dangerous, if not for the effects of the drug, for the legality issues surrounding them but it's not really about drugs, it's about consciousness and the reality exposed by them.

Every living thing creates it's own DMT.  (The most powerful psychedelic there is.)

Always take the virtuous path

Whenever you play someone, it's always yourself.
Being true to yourself is the first step in knowing yourself.

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