something selfless for yourself


Socrates, Plato, Epicurus and others need more busts. These are by far, the most worthy of people and the world should have epic versions of each, to remind us that above all, you see the most when you think about things without your subjective self.


Pull from the dream the things you see that should be, and then they will be.. Eyes are of the mind, vision is of the soul, - You envision the things you thing should exist in the world and then you manifest them into this reality and they do exist.

Pay things forward

 Be a hero to other you's. Remember: Other people are you in different shoes and if you were them, they'd be you. Consciousness is neutral and you would not be you if another path in a different world was all you knew.
All of your deeds are onto yourself.  

Donate to those you know

Once you have "base", happiness is all your own but happiness is very difficult for those who don't have base and don't have reliable transportation, medication or "base" necessitites. Secretly help those in need, come into what they need.

Know better - Do better

If you know better, do better. You'll never be sorry for doing your best or sorry for being virtuous. All wrong is done in ignorance and being sorry for being ignorant is to see yourself through yourself and your more enlightened self sheds your former self.

Subscribe to love

Lighten your soul by subscribing to love (the highest vibration.) vs subjective hate & fear (lower vibrations).  Unsubscribe from everything you know you should, and then go through the heaviest things in your head and unsubscribe from your hard opinions.

Leave transcendentals

Socrates realized that there are only three things that transcend everything. (No one cares about the rest) All else fades away.
1) The Good
2) The True
3) The Beautiful

Do good with money

If you are blessed in this version of yourself, help others in less fortunate times, knowing that others are you.  Plant seeds of enlightenment, by sponsoring the virtuous and being a secret angel to the worthy. Moments matter more than money. 

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Always take the virtuous path

Whenever you play someone, it's always yourself.
Being true to yourself is the first step in knowing yourself.

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